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Nima Sherpa

Nima Sherpa photo.
Nima Sherpa photo.
Nima Sherpa photo.

Nima brings an incredible amount of energy and excitement to Fantasy Productions. He joined the company on a part-time basis back in 2002 and came aboard full-time in 2004. He learned quickly to master the art of mixing-in the music at just the right volume and tempo to insure a smooth transition for the Emcees. You can see that Nima enjoys his work by the infectious smile on his face from the moment cocktail hour starts until the last piece of equipment is loaded into the truck for the ride home! Nima has worked extremely hard to master his craft and his enthusiasm rubs off on everyone he is working with on a particular evening.

Nima originally comes from Nepal...home of the highest mountain in the world. Nima has been at the base camp of Mt. Everest many times, but has not yet reached the summit.

When he is not mixing-in the music at another successful Fantasy Productions party, Nima enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife Kanchi, daughter Dolma and son Tenzing.

Nima is extremely proficient in the Information Technology Computer field. He works very hard to make sure every job he does is successfully completed in a timely manner.