Fantasy Productions

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Meet the Fantasy Productions Emcees!

All the emcees and DJs of Fantasy Productions are experienced, upbeat and personable. We have decades of experience in hosting thousands of receptions and parties of all types. We would appreciate having the chance to be a part of your event. on a Fantasy professional pictured below to see their full profile...

Emcee Bob Albrecht
Bob Albrecht
Emcee Neil Horgan
Neil Horgan
Emcee Jim Bello
Jim Bello
Emcee Nima Sherpa
Nima Sherpa
Emcee Lou Nader
Lou Nader
Emcee Joe Gillies
Joe Gillies
Emcee Anthony Vazzano
Anthony Vazzano
Emcee Tom Cianci
Tom Cianci
Emcee Dave Hicok
Dave Hicok
Emcee Matt Kohere
Matt Kohere
Emcee David Oesterle
David Oesterle
Emcee Ike Oksas
Ike Oksas
Emcee Rob Ondesko
Rob Ondesko