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The Fantasy Productions Wedding Reception Planning Guide!

Fantasy Productions is happy to offer you this comprehensive planning guide to help you (and us) better prepare for your big day. Filling in the form below will provide us with all the information and details we'll need to make sure your wedding day turns out exactly the way you've always pictured it. We're going to ask you about the traditions you would like to see, the names of your bridesmaids and groomsmen, when you would like toasts, parent dances and introductions to take place and more. And then, of course, it'll be time to pick your favorite music! Please remember to hit the "Submit Info" button at the end when you're finished.

Step 1: Contact and date information...

Step 2: Your wedding ceremony...

Will Fantasy DJs be a part of your wedding ceremony?

Okay. Let's move on to your reception details...

What song would you like us to play for the Bridal Party processional music?

What song would you like us to play for the Bride's processional music?

What song would you like us to play as your recessional music?

Step 3: Your reception details...

Note: If you have not yet confirmed a date with one of our emcees, please submit the form found on our "Contact Us" page before submitting this guide. Thank you.

Will you be having a cocktail hour?

How long will your cocktail hour last?

Where will your cocktail hour be held?


How long will your reception last?

Step 4: Introductions...

How will parents be introduced?

Would you like to have grandparents introduced?

Will you have a Maid of Honor or a Matron of Honor?

Step 5: Traditions and ceremonies...

When would you like the dances with parents to take place?

What song would you like us to play for the bride and her father dance? Our suggestions...

What song would you like us to play for the groom and his mother dance? Our suggestions...

Will Grace be given before dinner?

Will you be having a cake cutting ceremony?

What song would you like us to play for your cake cutting ceremony? Our suggestions...

Will there be a bouquet toss?

What song would you like us to play during the bouquet toss? Our suggestions...

Will there be a garter toss?

What song would you like us to play for the removal of the garter? Our suggestions...

And what song would you like us to play for the tossing of the garter? Our suggestions...

Last garter question! What song should we play while putting on the garter? Our suggestions...

Step 6: Special Announcements

Are there any special announcements that you would like your emcee to make during your reception? For example, would you like to acknowledge the birthday of one of your guests? Maybe you would like to announce the wedding anniversary of a couple in attendance? Something else? Let us know...

Step 7: Music selection...

Time to pick your music! Through decades of experience, we've found that the following lists of songs represent the most popular tunes with reception guests. Just check the songs that you want your emcee to play during your reception. Choose as many as you'd like! Finally, you will also have a chance to add other songs that you would like to hear, as well as tell us about any songs you don't want played.

I'd like my emcee to play:

Audience Participation

Slow & Romantic

Classic Disco

Big Band/Swing



Rock & Roll

Current/Recent Favorites

90's Favorites







Please remember...this is NOT a complete listing of all the music we have available. We have a huge selection of current hits, country, oldies, rap, hip-hop and ethnic music. Just let us know what you want to hear and we will provide it.

Step 8: Review your information and submit...